I do not have a gentle approach to painting - it is an energetic physical act. Action painting is at the center of my practice. I use my hands for smearing, blending and erasing. I construct the composition in layers, colors and various mediums; my favorites being acrylics, oils, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, and spray paint. Keeping an open mind during the process is essential. It ebbs and flows until I feel like I have fully expressed my vision on paper or canvas. My work is a melting pot of intuition, movement and labor.

A characteristic of my work is that the initial architecture of the work underneath remains visible in the finished state. Process is revealed in each picture. I value the pure intention of the initial idea and draft; it is the purest expression of the work. First, I lay down a sketch for the initial groundwork - this might happen in charcoal or ink. As I continue to sketch, bodies of color define themselves and become cues to the composition that connect to form a focus. The work starts to take on a life of its own.

Expressive and abundantly colorful, playfully challenging, my work contains a raw stream of shapes and colors traveling from imagination to brush. It is not aiming to be polished or life-like for I am naturally drawn to semi-abstract work. Instead of settling on one specific subject or style, I take on the limitless scope of life while attempting to stretch my own capabilities and evolve with each painting. Most important to me is a raw emotional quality in the end.

My paintings are personal and based on my experiences of life, my ideals, my beliefs, my mindset. I paint my own evolution inspired by whatever it is I am touched by in that moment. Painting is how I best express myself. It is a way for me to connect with the viewer, although everything is open to multiple interpretations. My objective is to touch and move the viewer. To provoke curiosity, offer a different point of view, and present an element of mystery. Color is my ultimate vehicle for emotions.

By Universal law, everything that is healthy and joyful wants to expand. I believe that is also the reason why I paint; that I have something of value to offer and through painting I get to a higher, happier place. Painting lets me connect and expand.