An inspirational photo shoot

In September 2020 I had the pleasure to meet up with my friend Shaun Michael Eliades at his photo studio in North Hollywood to have new portrait photos taken. It was a project we'd been planning for some time.

Shaun and I have known each other for over 10 years but because we lived in different places (I in Amsterdam and New York, and Shaun in Los Angeles), we never had had the opportunity to work together.


His studio is a very inspirational place. Surrounded by great art, books, and our favorite tunes playing (Bowie, Frusciante, Captain Beefheart), I set out to paint a large abstract painting to serve as a backdrop. The finished piece titled "Revelation" was made in ink, acrylic and oil pastels and was directly inspired by the mood of the moment.



Shot over the course of two days, these special photos represent our combined artistic visions supported by a decade long friendship.






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