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10 Years of painting

I'm not one to look back too often but today I did, and I realized I've been painting for 10 years this month. I made my first paintings in the Netherlands which were done outdoors during the spring of 2011.

Later that year I relocated to New York where I started painting every day. I met many of you during my time in New York and am grateful so many people have stayed in touch up until today. I've made hundreds of paintings on canvas and works on paper and each painting is an adventure in which I become completely absorbed. The process is everything.

On this 10 year anniversary there is much to look forward to. Los Angeles is a great place to be as a painter and I am excited to keep creating here in the Golden State. I have stacked up on linen and paints so expect to see many new works on canvas this year.

Below you'll find an overview of old and new works and miscellaneous photos taken throughout the years.

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